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What Readers Have Said About ….And Then There Were Butterflies:

“Angel Shannon has the rare gift of being able to craft stories and poems with words that say what we all feel and all express–what we all hope for. Her voice gives a new spin…She is jazz, old school and hip-hop and regardless of the rhythm she is always for real. Hers is a voice I know we’ll be hearing for many years to come.”
— Patrice Gaines, Speaker and Author of “Laughing In The Dark” and “Moments of Grace”

“Angel Shannon’s writings remind us of the rich and varied legacy in African-American literature. Skillfully she maintains that aesthetic tradition and joins a symphony of voices that compel us to confront existing versions of reality and reate alternative ways of thinking and being.”
— Deborah Tulani Salahu-Din, Lecturer and Author of The Brighter Side of Darkness: Narratives of School Desegregation.

“I just want to let you know how deeply touched I was by your work. Your imagery is outstanding and it speaks to the high level of mastery you’ve reached; it shows how much soul and power you put into your work.”
—D. Diaz, Audience Member, Open Reading

…Angel writes with intensity and passion and has made a fan of this white male. She’s clearly a thinker – none of this work is “off the top of her head.”
—Patrick Nugent, President, Eastern Shore Writers Association, Maryland

I absolutely was enthralled by the stories. I cried. I got mad. I wanted to grab some of the characters and shake them. Once I picked up the book, I didn’t stop until I read every word.
—Angela Watkins, Reader, Upper Marlboro MD

I just finished …and then there were butterflies this morning. What a gift! Every page, every line was a treasure!
—D. Thomas, Reader and Contributor to Literary Mama Online

Dance The Guns to Silence: 100 Poems for Ken Saro-Wiwa, An Anthology (2005)

The anthology, Dance the Guns to Silence celebrates the life, struggles and achievements of Nigerian writer and activist, Ken Saro-Wiwa with 100 poems from internationally known and award winning poets and laureates across the globe.

The title, Dance the Guns to Silence is taken from one of Saro-Wiwa’s own poems, ‘Dance’, with a foreword written by Ken Wiwa, Ken Saro-Wiwa’s son and editorial advisory from the renowned Malawian poet, now living in exile in Britain, Jack Mapanje.

The anthology features contributions from leading world poets as well as emerging poets from all over the world, including, Amiri Baraka, Kamau Brathwaite, Jayne Cortez, Fred D’Aguiar, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Benjamin Zephaniah, Sharon Strange, Sonia Sanchez, Angel Shannon, Nathalie Handal, Martin Espada, Kwame Dawes, Kalamu Ya Salaam, Tony Medina and many others.

Angel’s Poem: Your Blues Just Ain’t Like Mine

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Chicken Soup for the African-American Woman’s Soul (2006)

A rich collection of stories that truly celebrate the mountaintops and share the valleys of the African American woman’s experience; highlighting her moments of strength, as well as her struggles. This candid, touching and inspiring collection of stories proves that the spirit of sisterhood extends beyond geography, economics, age and time.

Angel’s Essay:  Even A Dancing Time 

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